State of Mind Active is a thoughtfully created fashion-focused, recreational apparel brand built on the foundations of empowering wellness and a purposeful mindset. With sustainable values at its core, SOM Active aims to deliver active solutions that pair aesthetic functionality with conscious living.


With a degree in International Relations, big corporates, grassroots NGOs and socio economic initiatives were where Dana Al Khobaizi’s career began. 

Cue a change of pace in 2007 which saw Al Khobaizi open her first successful retail boutique. She was responsible for introducing a plethora of trailblazing brands from NY, LA, Australia and Paris to the growing Middle East market. 

With a conscious commitment over the past few years to a more holistic lifestyle embracing fitness and wellness, Al Khobaizi became a certified yoga teacher, honing her spiritual practice. 

From this conscious lifestyle change and previous career experience in international development and the fashion industry, SOM Active was born — a brand with deeply woven sustainable values at its core.